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Bosphorus Bridge Maintenance Vehicle

A maintenance car has been developed to carry out periodic maintenance of the bridge in the middle span and side spans of the 15 July Martyrs Bridge. A total of 7 maintenance vehicles, 1 large and 6 small, were placed for the maintenance of the steel decks on the bridge. Maintenance vehicles are equipment that provide access to the bottom of the deck with the help of mounted rails. Thanks to this tool, maintenance and repair works can be carried out under the steel deck. All steel decks are accessible under a total of 7 maintenance vehicles, in the north and south. The middle span has a 1.1km range of action, while the side spans have a range of 300m. The highest speed that the vehicle can reach is 20mt/s. Driven by a total of 16 engines, the vehicle provides position, speed and torque control.

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Osmangazi Bridge Cabcar Project

Izmir Underfloor Lifting

TCDD-Master Controller

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exploded transparent car

Image Processing Garment Machine

Vulcanization Press

Sponge Line

Integrated Facility



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Siemens Tracking Control Application

Metal Processing and Manufacturing

Although the metalworking industry is divided into very different applications and areas, speed, precision, data processing time and efficiency have come together in common ground. This sector requires both very high efficiency in terms of mechanics and practicality in terms of programming and control. The indispensable requirement of this sector is mechanical precision, which is equivalent to machine precision.


RAS Multibent

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Packing and Packaging

Machine manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to design and manufacture more effective and cost-effective equipment in a shorter time.

Packaging Robot